BMHOF Class of 2004

JOYRYDE started in November 1981 by Mike Lacki (keyboards and vocals), and Jim Kam (drums and vocal), shortly after Mike came off the road touring with the group THE HEADLINERS. Johnna Scime was added as the vocalist, and Bob Olds rounded out the group on bass. The group was formed to have a particular focus on vocals, with three, four part harmonies, as well as showcasing the individual talents of its members. Almost immediately, the band was working continuously in all the popular nightclubs at the time, like The Three Coins, The Canterbury, G. Williker's, and the 2001. They quickly caught the attention of audiences and musicians alike were their eclectic repertoire of Funk, Rock, Pop, Blues, and Country. This winning combination of versatility and professionalism has become their trademark to this day. 

Jim Kam left the band after its first year, and John Collins was added on guitar, as well as Mike Salamone on drums. It was during this period in the mid 1980's to the mid 1990's, that JOYRYDE started to achieve its popularity and local following. This has culminated in a multitude Buffalo Music Awards for its members, such as "Best Female Vocalist" four times, "Best Keyboardist" three times, "Best Rock Drummer" four times, and "Best Bass Player." JOYRYDE's current guitar player Dick Bauerle, is a member of the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame. In addition to all these individual awards, JOYRYDE was voted "Best Top Forty Band" in 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, and 1999. Several off-shoot JOYRYDE projects have also collected awards for "Best New Group", and "Best Oldies Band." 

Needless to say, after twenty-three uninterrupted years, there have been some personnel changes, as people have come and gone to pursue other musical interests. However, JOYRYDE has always maintained a high standard of musical integrity. Former members of JOYRYDE, as well as its current lineup, are some of the best and most respected musicians in the Buffalo area, having worked with other great Buffalo bands, (some of whom are members of the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame), such as GAMALON, THE THIRDS, DICK BAUERLE BAND, LANCE DIAMOND, ROCKET 88, BARBARA ST. CLAIR, ONLY HUMEN, JUNCTION WEST and BILLY McEWEN. Furthermore, there has been another new ingredient in the last few years, as JOYRYDE has expanded its presentation on many of its gigs, with the addition of the HITMEN HORNS section. This fresh approach has expanded JOYRYDE's repertoire, as well as rejuvenated the popularity of the "Horn Band" sound of the late sixties/early seventies. The current JOYRYDE songlist covers music of Big Band, Motown, Chicago/BST, seventies Funk and Disco, Blues, Rock, Soul, Swing, Country, Jazz, Salsa as well current Pop and original JOYRYDE music. 

These days, JOYRYDE is one of Buffalo's most successful "special event/party" bands, with its main focus on one-nighters, concerts, and some nightclub work. Their name recognition in the Buffalo area keeps their schedule busy as ever. However, most exciting news for their friends, family and followers, will be the release of their first CD late this spring, which will include some fan favorites as well as some original JOYRYDE music. For the last twenty-three years, JOYRYDE has held the "Buffalo Banner" high in its travels. JOYRYDE has been, and still remains, one of Western New York's most successful bands, as it continues to grow musically on stage and in the studio.

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